I have filed 2 lawsuits after reporting sex trafficking of students by staff while working as a teacher in St. Louis Public Schools.  Were children saved?  Both schools closed down shortly after my lawsuits.

I’ve also filed a lawsuit against the head of a school, who attempted to force me into a sexual relationship for job security.

Each time, I contacted the human rights division of the state in which the school was in.  Once I had to reach out to the United States Department of Education human rights division because the representative of the human rights division in Illinois refuse to help me.

In each case, the only evidence I had was me reporting these incidents.  Please don’t be discouraged.  If you are your child is sexually harassed, reach out to your states human rights departments.  They have lawyers on staff who will file a suit on your behalf.

How to stop sex trafficking?  Start with yourself and family.  Contact the below agencies for help!

For more sex trafficking info click here!

Missouri Human Rights Commission

United States Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights Division