Book 2 coming soon

I am very excited about completing the second book of this series.

It will be launched in January.  This book is about a school where I worked and almost all the men in the school was seeking a sexual relationship with the female students.

If you think that is shocking.  Wait till you read the details!

Me Too Book 1 – That Same Ten Dollars

The first book of the series was published September 1, 2018.

This book centers around a school that I worked at as a literacy teacher in 2008/2009 school year.  The staff was prostituting some girls inside of the school.  One male teacher was caught in his classroom receiving services from a female student.  One girl was rumored by staff to provide services for students and staff inside a bathroom.

There were gang rapes of girls lured from school to parties.  I have witnessed countless minor harassment and assaults by staff on some of my students.

This book also includes other incidents from other schools in which I substitute taught in.

I mention some attempted rapes and actual rapes that occurred in the surrounding communities that went ignored by police and other authorities.

The book can be downloaded here.